The traditional knowledge and skills, recognized by communities in Serbia as an indicator of their identity and continuity and showing vitality and perseverance to the modern times, are included in the National register of intangible cultural heritage. Its elements are either widespread or present throughout Serbia or territorially limited to a narrow geographic region, and their importance not only to the local community but also to society as a whole contributes to the richness of intangible cultural heritage of Serbia. One part of the National register are craftwork skills transferred from one generation to the other in certain families, as well as some of the customs and skills testifying that intangible cultural heritage lives with its carriers and may be present in several different environments or transferred from one environment to the other. Elements of intangible cultural heritage included in the National register present the richness and diversity of the cultural heritage present in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and at the same time, they are a constant reminder that different communities living in the same cultural area can share and exchange the traditional forms of activities, preserving them for the generation yet to come.


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